Thursday, 10 January 2013

The Walnut Tree Inn

The Walnut Tree Inn is currently the only pub I have visited without any members of my family (stops at cafes do not count!) but I'll include here anyway as it's a family pub. I was invited for mums night out just before Christmas for a meal. We needed to make our food choices beforehand and as the other mums discovered I don't like deciding my choices of food days in advance - I don't know what I feel like having on the night! But I suppose pubs need to do this around Christmas time when big parties book in.

We had all chosen turkey as it was Christmas time and we all had to queue for it as it was set up same way they apparently set Sunday carveries (I prefer having my food brought to the table when I'm dining out). Dessert was very good, I had chosen panna cotta. I did not have a look at their normal menu but their website appears very good and informative and few people have said the Walnut Tree Inn is a good place with children.

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