Thursday, 3 January 2013

The Stapleton Arms

When we moved no fridge (beer fridge does not count!) or cooker moved with us and while we waited for deliveries of new ones we googled pubs to dine in. The Stapleton Arms was the first pub we tried after our relocation to Dorset. We hadn't booked a table (note for future to do so) but the staff was very accommodating and found us a table in a very busy pub. Food was good and kids were catered for. I think the Stapleton Arms has come closest to one of our old favourite pubs in Devon and although we haven't made it back to the Stapleton Arms since the summer it's on the list to revisit!

(There is an added bonus of community playground very close by where we stopped at after having our lunch.)


We have returned to Stapleton Arms and they are provided consistently fabulous service and excellent food. It is definitely one of our Dorset favourites!

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