Thursday, 4 July 2013

The Beckford Arms

When it's one of those days you think you are catching up with friends over a coffee but end up having full lunch... We'll it was me few days ago and we ended up in The Beckford Arms. Mainly because it has been on my list probably even before we moved here, there had been newspaper reviews about them and it must be mentioned in all the Good Pub Guide type of books.

So coffee with friends turned into lunch and what a great lunch it was! It was a Tuesday and the place was pretty much full, I never thought booking was needed mid-week out of holiday season but how wrong was I! Luckily there very few tables free when we got there early.

It was hard to choose from the menu and rather than trying something different I went for my "safe option" of a burger. And I was not disappointed, that definitely was one of the best burgers I have had! Two of my friends chose chicken ceasar salad and they were very happy with their choices too. We had one child with us (not mine) and she chose fish & chips. As my friend's daughter asked for ice cream for a dessert we were all tempted to have a look at the dessert menu. Again it was hard choice - I could have chosen all options!

Now I can't wait to return to The Beckford Arms and take my husband & children there for a meal, but I know to book it to avoid disappointment. What a fabulous place and extra bonus goes to the absolutely fabulous waitress who served us! It could have not been a better lunch out. 

I still haven't decided if we have found our new favourite pub - or maybe this will be our Wiltshire favourite and Dorset one can be a separate one?

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Pythouse Kitchen Garden Shop & Cafe

What a lovely setting Pythouse Kitchen Garden cafe is. We have only stopped there for a coffee & cake but I thought I would include a little entry here because we are definitely returning there on another sunny morning / day. Gorgeous surrounds and lovely service - just what we are looking for!

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Wild Garlic

The Wild Garlic ended up on my list of places to try when we heard it would be moving to Iwerne Minster. I chose to have my birthday lunch there a couple of weeks ago with my husband and son. It was lovely sunny day so I suggested sitting in the garden (before seeing it).

We had a quick look inside the pub and looks like it was nicely done up but I didn't visit previously so I don't know what it looked like before. The garden cannot really be called a garden, there are few picnic type tables in a small courtyard. But because it was such a lovely day I wanted to stay outside anyway.

We were served by a very friendly gentleman who was happy to come and take our orders outside including drinks. There was enough choice on the menu and we were advised they could make any portion on the menu smaller for the little man who dined with us. This suited us and the little man ended up ordering same as me!

I chose bacon & chorizo pasta and my husband had a burger. Both options were very tasty. Service was excellent. But I would not choose the Wild Garlic on a gorgeous sunny day again because there are so many pubs with lovely gardens around here. However, the restaurant part of the Wild Garlic is not yet open so I would go back there on evening to test it once it's up and running because the bar food was lovely.  

edit 03/07/2013:
 I have been informed by Mat Follas that there are plans to improve the garden for next year with a kitchen garden and a pergola