Sunday, 3 March 2013

The White Lion Inn

Few people had told me about the White Lion Inn while back but I had forgotten about it until I once again turned to Twitters help and asked for recommendations. I visited The White Lion Inn with my husband (without the kids) last night. It was very quiet when we got there so we got to choose our table and sat by the open log fire (lovely!).

There were plenty of yummy sounding dishes to choose from. My husband chose pate for starters and then he had slow roast pork belly for main and I had chicken & mushroom risotto. (First time I was brave enough to get my phone out to take a photo of the food!)

Dessert menu did not disappoint either. My husband chose chocolate mousse and I had creme brulee (not quite sure how I still had room for dessert after the meal I had enjoyed). Service was very friendly and the food was prepared very well. Definitely a place to visit again and take the children next time! They recommended booking as they often get busy. We were lucky to visit on a quiet evening and have lovely service!

Friday, 1 March 2013

The Shed

It was my second visit to The Shed this week. A friend of mine was celebrating her birthday so we booked to have lunch at The Shed.

I was looking forward to as I had enjoyed my first visit there when it first opened a couple of months ago. I'm not sure if I had misunderstood or things had changed but I was assuming there would be lunch time menu but we were presented with the same menu I had had the first time. The menu is good but to me it is  evening sort of food. One of us asked for lunch time menu but was told that they do not have one.

I chose the burger as I felt all other meals were too much at lunch time (and I knew there was an Indian takeaway waiting for me that evening...). The burger was massive but I did enjoy it. I skipped dessert and had a latte instead. I think everyone enjoyed their meals and some of us had desserts and they did not disappoint either. However, I think my husband was right about The Shed on our first visit, it's evening sort of place - there are no windows and the menu reflected this as well having not got any lighter choices for lunch time. Service was very friendly and they were happy to gather for the 2 children that we had along (not mine!) as well.