Sunday, 6 January 2013

Gillingham Tandoori

My husband's friend was visiting us for the weekend and somehow these things always seem to require curry & beer. We hadn't tried any Indian restaurants in Dorset yet so we had no idea where we should go. Google helped us and we decided to try Gillingham Tandoori last night.

I am not a great fan of Indian type of food but when it's cooked well (by my husband at home) I enjoy it occasionally. I didn't take photos as I don't think curries ever look great... We had chicken tikka masala and chicken lagan (new one I hadn't tried before) and a dansak dish with all the usual pilau rices, nan breads and onion bhajees.

I must say that this was one of the nicest curries (the lagan one) I have had. I actually enjoyed a curry! Husband says he really liked his chicken dansak (too hot for me). So if I feel like having another curry I would be happy return here.

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