Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Cricketers

We had Sunday lunch at the Cricketers at Shroton today. I asked Twitter earlier in the week for recommendations from locals as sometimes I think google does it own selection and may leave some good ones out depending on my search words.We bumped into our neighbour as we were leaving and he said that the Cricketers was worth a visit - our neigbour seems to have explored all the pubs around here and has recommended some to us, but as he has no children I'm not sure if all his recommendations are for food  (and child friendly)!

There is just the pub in the village at Shroton and pretty much nothing else so no surprise it fills up quickly! I had booked a table and we arrived a little early but we were attended to and our children were noted as individuals (the future customers?). I noticed some colouring books and pencils at the bar, these were not offered to us but I assume locals know to just pick them up? However, it's the various idevices that keeps ours entertained until the food arrives and husband always looks for the (Sunday) paper!

Everyone was happy with their choices, I was only one having roast dinner. Kids menu had plenty to choose from. However, my husband's main course was missed on the original order and arrived 5 minutes after mine and the children's (no compensation was offered and we did not ask for it either). Food was lovely and plentiful. Kids portions were too large for our two (they mainly are). As the pub got busier the service got slower which I suppose can be expected on a busy Sunday. We all had desserts, kids chose ice creams, husband had treacle tart and I had coffee and vanilla pannacotta.

There is a village playground on the other side of the road; we stopped there afterwards. There were a couple of children playing without parents and they did inform us that "daddy was in the pub", but because of the road and car park to cross I think it would be few years before I would be happy leaving ours at the playground on their own for us to relax in the pub!

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