Friday, 7 June 2013

Larmer Tree Gardens

On a gorgeous sunny summer's day the Larmer Tree Gardens cafe has been just a fabulous. I have been there twice recently and definitely going again while the sunshine lasts!

I popped in for a lunch with friend and her daughter and my son few weeks ago. Service was very friendly and we had lovely sandwiches and tea. The peacocks are a bit too friendly and there are lots of them outside. There's an option to sit inside tho. We were there to "investigate" an option to arrange a surprise afternoon tea for friend's birthday. They seems happy to cater for our needs so...

This week we had lovely afternoon tea birthday party for our friend. Larmer Tree Gardens did a fabulous job catering for it and letting us having tables on the lawn and enjoy the sunshine with some bubbly, sandwiches, cakes and tea. They were very accommodation for everything we asked and there have such friendly service. I would definitely recommend them if anyone fancies lovely afternoon tea. And the gorgeous sunshine was a bonus this week in a lovely setting.

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